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Heart Kids NZ
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Our Story

Two Canadians and two Kiwis are taking the plunge on the 26 September to help their office neighbours, Heart Kids NZ. Dressing up as your favourite characters from Frozen we’ll be chilling out in a refreshing pool of water cooled to a perfect 10 degrees. We’re ready to take the plunge, are you?
Any donations are welcomed, and if you can’t support us financially your kind words and support is much appreciated.

Introducing our team,

Elsa – Jackie, AKA: Queen of the North, hails from the southern part of Ontario Canada where 10 degrees is a balmy summer day. She comes fully equipped with the ability to be ice cold no matter the temperature inside or outside in New Zealand… Currently her hands are ice cold – seriously, they are ice cold. #PossibleWhiteWalker

Sven – Reid AKA: King from the North, joins us from the Northern part of Ontario Canada and comes ready to handle any cold weather New Zealand throws at him (after all, windchills in Ottawa can get up to -15 degrees the lakes in Canada are colder than 10 degrees in the peak of summer). After sleeping in a camper van for the last 10 days in some of the coldest temperatures New Zealand has to offer, he is fully prepared to take the plunge.

Olaf – Thorne, AKA: ‘Emperor of Jackie, Reid & Anna’, was brought to life in Dargaville (we all have our secrets) and has been blessed with the very unique ability to not feel heat, cold, or really anything for that matter. For a reason unbeknownst to him, he has been cast as Olaf, and although the role of Elsa was obviously meant for him and not Jackie, he will serve you snowman realness with an Oscar worthy performance.

Anna - Anna, AKA: ‘Anna banana’/Reid, Jackie and Thorne’s devoted friend – began her story in the cooler climate of the south island before making her way up North to seek warmer weather (you would have thought she had always been a jaffa with the way she complains about the cold). However, her strong determination to help those in need will see her through this icy challenge with her bff’s by her side.

Heart Kids NZ help supports kiwi kids born with heart defects, the highest occurring serious birth defect in New Zealand.
Please help us help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. Your big heart can help these little hearts face what no child should ever have to go through. However big or small, every donation helps!
• $10.00 can provide a meal for a parent as they sit bedside with their child in Hospital.
• $25.00 can provide a family with a visit from a Heart Kids Family Support staff member.
• $50.00 donation can provide a family with food or petrol vouchers while they are supporting their child in Hospital.
• $70.00 will cover the cost of a Medic Alert Bracelet for a heart child.
Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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